Gemayel Calls for Defensive Strategy as Political Balance Lost in New Parliament

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Gemayel Calls for Defensive Strategy as Political Balance Lost in New Parliament

Kataeb's re-elected lawmaker Nadim Gemayel on Sunday expressed fear that the new Parliament will be controlled by Hezbollah, adding that it is time to disarm said party through a defensive strategy that consolidates the Army's role as the only armed force in Lebanon.

"It is time for everyone to relinquish their superiority and sit at the same table to discuss the fundamental bases that are needed to build a nation," Gemayel said in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station.

"We are heading for a hard confrontation," he warned. "We will not be able to build a strong state as long as there is still a statelet in the country."

Gemayel noted that the same group which unlawfully governed Lebanon during the Syrian occupation era and was cast out a few years ago, has now entered the Parliament legally through the elections.

"Therefore, we need to build an independent state without any foreign or internal interference. We also need to establish a strong and stable state that is capable of providing social security to its citizens,” he added.

"Hezbollah's size has increased because there was no one to stand against it," he said. "The Kataeb party will never give up on the state's legitimacy to Hezbollah and will always stand firm to Lebanon's sovereignty no matter what."

Gemayel said that he would support the Kataeb's participation in the next government provided that it doesn't legalize the people-army-resistance trilogy, deeming any cabinet that defends said equation as "unacceptable".

The Kataeb MP renewed his call for the reunification of the March 14 forces, stressing the need to close ranks so as to be able to confront the growing influence of the March 8 coalition.

Asked if the Kataeb bloc will name Saad Hariri for another term as prime minister, Gemayel said that the party has yet to decide on this issue, noting that Hariri has to cut loose from his alliance with the Free Patriotic Movement.

Gemayel criticized the electoral law on which the parliamentary polls were based, deeming it as bad given that it produced absurd alliances that have nothing in common.

“The new law is the cause behind the low voter turnout in Beirut’s first district, especially in Achrafieh," he pointed out. “The proportionality law has been tailored to serve the interests of Hezbollah and Gebran Bassil who has made gains in the North’s third district. That's why we now have an imbalanced Parliament."