Kataeb Lawmakers Submit Draft Laws on Ministries Split

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The Lebanese Kataeb lawmakers submitted two draft laws suggesting that the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works would be each split into two divisions in order to boost their effectiveness and productivity.

The draft law proposing the establishment of a Transport Ministry and a Public Works Ministry argued that merging these two divisions has proved to be ineffective over the past 18 years, stressing that it is time to accord paramount importance to the transport sector in Lebanon.

"Road traffic has become a major crisis that requires a drastic solution as soon as possible. The transport sector was not given the necessary importance due to the multitude of tasks required by the public works branch," read the bill presented by the Kataeb bloc.

“Transportation requirements differ from those related to public works. Therefore, this division necessitates specialties and expertise as well as unbound time to help develop the transport sector, reactivate railways, tramways and buses and to give utmost attention to traffic safety due to its implications on the citizens’ lives.”

As for the draft law suggesting the split of the Interior and Municipalities Ministry, the Kataeb bloc stressed that the merge which took place in 2000 has also proved itself ineffective, especially after the number of municipalities in Lebanon surpassed 1030.

"As a result, it has become necessary to separate security, personal status issues and politics from developmental matters given that the Interior Ministry and Municipalities has focused all of its efforts on security at the expense of development projects."

The bill also stresses the need to separate the two branches due to the population increase and the Syrian refugees crisis, adding that reducing administrative red tape would be the stepping stone towards decentralization which has become a pressing demand for all.

Source: Kataeb.org