Gemayel: Road to Democracy Is Hard and Filled with Sacrifices

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Gemayel: Road to Democracy Is Hard and Filled with Sacrifices

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel stressed that all the assassinations and assassination attempts that Lebanon witnessed almost a decade ago show that the road to democracy is long, hard and filled with sacrifices.

"It seems that it is still long and difficult despite the fact that 13 years have passed now since the beginning of that ominous dark cycle," Gemayel wrote in an article published in Al-Joumhouria newspaper to mark the assassination attempt of former Minister Elias Murr.

"There’s no difference between political and security assassination as both aim at eliminating democracy and replacing it with injustice, oppression and tyranny," he said.

"There’s no difference between physical liquidation of leaders and elites, and political abolition of democracy, the Constitution and the laws."

"It is true that assassinations through car bombs, explosives and shootings have stopped a few years ago, but attempts to target free people and the Lebanese Republic’s values are ongoing in the name of a sham democracy, an abandoned Constitution that is undermined by greed and lust for power, and heresies that have replaced the normal work mechanism of state insitutions with settlements and partitioning deals," Gemayel wrote.