Jumblat Advises Comrades to Avoid 'Futile' Debate with FPM

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Jumblat Advises Comrades to Avoid 'Futile' Debate with FPM

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat on Thursday called on his comrades not to engage in a futile debate with the Free Patriotic Movement following a series of heated tweets against the backdrop of the government formation process.

“I advise my PSP comrades not to engage in a futile debate with this absurd group which insists on adopting a cheap rhetoric, instead of a reasonable and objective one,” Jumblat wrote on Twitter.

Tensions erupted between the two parties when the PSP lashed out on the FPM for supporting the Lebanese Democratic Party, headed by MP Talal Erslan, in the parliamentary polls, and claiming that FPM is trying to undermine Jumblat’s power.

Bickering intensified when Jumblat demanded that his party gets to represent all the Druze seats in the new government.

Previously, Erslan had attacked Jumblat for "selling" Druze community's rights to serve his personal interests and for accumulating wealth at their expense.

As for the PSP and the FPM, Jumblat criticized caretaker FM Gebran Bassil’s negligence when it comes to introducing reforms and reducing Lebanon’s budget deficit, and also for not standing against Syria's new property law, which hinders the return of the Syrians back to their country, and, instead, blaming the refugees for Lebanon's economic crisis.

“The deficit is a direct result of the electricity services being provided to the Syrian refugees, which account for $333 million, and are expected to increase this year with the rise in fuel prices,” Caretaker Minister Cesar Abi Khalil wrote on Twitter to defend Bassil's stance.

Source: Kataeb.org