More Electricity, More Pollution?

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More Electricity, More Pollution?

For the first time in decades, the lights in 81-year-old Samir Kaboushi’s apartment Wednesday did not suddenly turn off or his fridge cease cooling or the lazily swirling ceiling fan stop spinning.
Like many others in Kesrouan, on the outskirts of Jbeil and Metn, Kaboushi experienced 24/7 electricity for the first time since the Lebanese Civil War this week after a newly arrived temporary power barge began supplying electricity primarily to those areas.

The barge, the Esra Sultan, docked in Zouk Mikael Monday next to its sister vessel the Fatmagul Sultan, inside a man-made cove beside both the old and new Zouk power plants. “The pollution is here anyway,” Kaboushi told The Daily Star from his balcony, with the smoky gray industrial area framed behind him.

“I personally prefer to get electricity and be polluted than to just be polluted,” he said matter-of-factly.

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Source: The Daily Star