Lebanon Ranked Among Countries with Worst Electricity Supply

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Lebanon was ranked fourth among the "extremely unreliable" countries in terms of the quality of electricity supply, as per the Global Competitiveness Index issued by the 2017-2018 World Economic Forum.

The survey, which includes 137 countries, ranked Lebanon in the 134th place, followed by Haiti, Nigeria and Yemen.

The World Economic Forum’s survey classifies the quality of electricity supply on a scale of 1 to 7 [1 = extremely unreliable; 7 = extremely reliable].

Lebanon got a score of 1.7.

The countries that topped the list are: Norway (6.9), Switzerland (6.9), Singapore (6.9), Hong Kong SAR (6.8), Denmark (6.8), Netherlands (6.8), France (6.8), Luxembourg (6.7), Finland (6.7) and Japan (6.7).

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Source: Kataeb.org