Disciplinary Committee Head Depicts Corruption in Public Sector

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Disciplinary Committee Head Depicts Corruption in Public Sector

Head of the High Disciplinary Committee, Judge Marwan Abboud, on Tuesday said that the general performance of public employees has dramatically degraded, deploring the prevalent dishonesty and misbehavior.

In an interview on Al-Manar TV, Abboud classified public servants into two categories: those who get paid without fulfilling their duties in return, and those who are honest and abide by the rules.

“Half of the Lebanese state employees must be fired on charges of corruption,” Abboud said.

“Had I had a falafel shop, I wouldn’t have stayed one second in the Judiciary,” Abboud responded when asked why he is still working in the justice department, pointing out that his financial condition does not allow him to leave his job.

Abboud said that the committee he chairs, and which is in charge of enforcing accountability against corrupt employees, cannot take any action before the Central Inspection Department files a complaint against the employee who is being questioned.

"Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Therefore, the committee has not been able to fulfill its duties," he said.

Abboud admitted that he had been offered bribes many times himself, saying that he doesn't want to lie to himself or to the people.

Source: Kataeb.org