Kataeb Party Hosts Meeting in Defense of Freedoms

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The Kataeb party on Wednesday hosted a broad meeting of Saydet Al-Jabal Gathering at its headquarters in Saifi to voice absolute oppositon to the growing political oppression in the country and to renew unwavering commitment to all forms of freedom.

Last week, a meeting of Saydet Al-Jabal Gathering, that was set to be held at the Bristol Hotel in Beirut, was forcibly cancelled. Hezbollah's senior official Wafik Safa admitted that he had personally asked the hotel to not host the event.

Following the meeting, former MP Fares Souaid thanked the Kataeb for hosting the meeting, saying that this act reflects the party's history throughout which it has defended political pluralism, cultural diversity and intellectual exchange.

"The blatant attack on the Lebanese people's political rights is part of the growing oppression targeting activists, journalists and politicians," he said. "We hold the ruling authority responsible for what Lebanon has been witnessing lately, as we warn against replicating a new model of suppression."

Souaid called for a united stand to defend the principles and constants on which Lebanon was built, urging full loyalty to the martyrs of the Cedars Revolution.

"The persistent attempts to muzzle and beleaguer free minds, as well as Hezbollah's confiscation of the state's decision-making power amid the shameful submissivness of most of the political forces, require the other parties to unite in defense of the people's constitutional rights."

Souaid revealed that Saydet Al-Jabal Gathering will hold a meeting on Sunday at Gefinor Rotana Hotel in Beirut, hoping that no one would opt for the same "blunder" that took place last week.

The meeting, chaired by the Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel, was also attended by former MP Ashraf Rifi, Kamil Chamoun representing the National Liberal Party Chief Dory Chamoun, LBCI chairman Pierre Daher, Al-Liwaa editor-in-chief Salah Salam representing former President Michel Sleiman, former MP Boutros Harb and former MP Ahmad Fatfat representing ex-PM Fouad Siniora.


Source: Kataeb.org