Lebanon's Annahar Publishes Blank Edition to Protest Status Quo

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Lebanese leading newspaper Annahar released stark, blank pages for its 26,680th issue on Thursday; a move that was intended to be a wake-up call over the critical status quo in Lebanon.

Annahar's Editor-in-Chief Nayla Tueni stressed that the blank pages are aimed at facing the darkness overshadowing the country, refusing to consider the newspaper's move as a sign of despair.

"Blank pages are the only weapon that we have. It is our duty as journalists to relay the people's voice and to sound the alarm whenever a threat is detected," Tueni said in a press conference.

"Lebanon is going through the most dangerous and critical situation in its history," she warned. "This is our way to say 'enough'".

"The blank pages are in protest against the unbearable situation in the country. Our goal was to shake up the officials' conscience."

"We, as Lebanese, are not doomed to live this way. All we want is to be able to live a life without crises," she stressed.

Tueni affirmed that Annahar newspaper will not close its doors despite the crisis battering the press in Lebanon, pledging to work hard so that the newspaper would remain a platform for all the Lebanese.

Thursday's blank issue only featured the newspaper’s name, the picture of its late editor-in-chief Gebran Tueni and his famous oath, social media accounts and editorial information.

The newspaper’s website also featured empty articles.

Source: Kataeb.org