Sayegh Calls for Change of Mentality in Lebanon

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Sayegh Calls for Change of Mentality in Lebanon

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Thursday stressed that the formation of a new government would not solve the ongoing economic crisis, saying that the solution lies in changing the approach and the logic adopted by the ruling class.

“Forming a government would serve as a gateway to the solution, but not the solution itself. Economic decline still exists despite the presence of a caretaker government,” Sayegh told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“The government cannot do miracles unless it opts for a new mentality. This is what we want as a Kataeb party. We want to change the prevailing logic and approach, as well as to restore confidence,” he added.

Sayegh stressed that the meeting hosted yesterday at the Kataeb's headquarters turned into a platform to demand change of the mentality that is ruling the country and to reject unilateralism.

“They are distracting us with livelihood problems so that we would become unable to think and express ourselves. Once people become distracted with their daily life concerns, they give up," Sayegh warned.