Saade: Discriminatory Laws Need to Be Amended or Abolished in Lebanon

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Saade: Discriminatory Laws Need to Be Amended or Abolished in Lebanon

Kataeb leader's legal adviser, Lara Saade, on Friday stressed that rape is an unjustified crime whose perpetrator, not the victim, should be punished for, voicing the party's readiness to cooperate with all the concerned associations in order to amend or abolish all discriminatory laws.

In an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station, Saade hailed the campaign launched by Abaad NGO to shed the light on the society's unfair judgment against rape victims.

“The unfair laws in Lebanon and the discrimination against women are the result of a mentality that exists in our society, prejudices as well as ways of thinking that we inherited from past generations. It is not enough to change laws, as this mentality and preconceptions must also change,” she stressed.

Saade pointed out that Article 522 of the Penal Code was amended thanks to the initiative of Abaad NGO along with several lawmakers, including those affiliated to the Kataeb party.

In August 2017, the Lebanese Parliament abolished a law that allowed rapists to avoid prison by marrying their victims.

"This is not enough because there are other laws that need to be either amended or abrogated, notably those related to sexual harassment, domestic violence, adultery and sexual extortion,” she noted.

"Work should be done on three levels: awareness, change of perception of the subject through education in schools and universities, and awareness campaigns," Saade concluded. "The State has a responsibility to shoulder by contributing to this effort."