Gemayel Renews Government Proposal, Unveils Draft Law to Commemorate Minorities Persecution

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Friday renewed his call for a government of specialists amid the ongoing failure to reach political consensus, saying that the lingering delay is "incomprehensible", "abnormal" and "unacceptable".

"There should be no delay in the government formation amid the catastrophic economic and social situation that the Lebanese are going through," he said following a meeting with MP Hagop Pakradounian at the Tashnag Party's headquarters in Burj Hammoud.

"We are failing to understand the reason behind the government formation stalemate, especially that everyone is supposed to be satisfied with the presidential settlement that was sealed."

“If there is no possibility to form a government of partitioning, then we reiterate our call to form a government of specialists while a national dialogue would be held at the Parliament so that political forces would solve their differences,” he stated.

"The Lebanese cannot continue to feel that there's no captain behind the steering wheel," Gemayel stressed.

“The Arab economic summit is imminent while the country is still without a government. This is harmful to the country and its reputation,” he added.

Gemayel revealed that he plans to submit a draft law that proposes setting April 24 as a national holiday to commemorate the genocides that inflicted persecuted minorities, be it the Armenians, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Assyrians, Maronites and the Shiites.

“These communities are the ones that established this country and they existed before it. Therefore, the Lebanese government must grant them the right to commemorate their sacrifices,” Gemayel said.