Hankache: Government of Specialists Needed to Manage Country's Affairs

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Hankache: Government of Specialists Needed to Manage Country's Affairs

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Saturday stressed that an apportionment government will be disappointing and unproductive, reiterating the party’s call for a government of specialists that will manage the citizens’ affairs while contentious political issues would be addressed at the parliament.

"Foreign allegiance, not the Consultative Gathering knot, is the major obstacle that is preventing the government formation; the prematurely-launched presidential race, the U.S. sanctions on Iran, the Yemen war and many other issues are also hindering any breakthrough,” he said in an interview on Future TV.

Hankache rejected calls for the reactivation of the caretaker government amid the failure to form a new one, deeming such a proposal as a "heresy" that circumvents the Constitution.

"Instead of opting for this option, it would be better to form a new government because the Lebanese have begun to feel desperate,” he said.

Hankache pointed out that the country is going through a very difficult phase, adding that the unemployment rate has reached 40% with a high of businesses shuting their doors.

“We need a work environment, but there are many problems coming in the way; thus, a government of specialists in needed to restore confidence in the country,” he stressed.

Source: Kataeb.org