Pope Francis Urges Priests to Call upon Exorcists

Priests who hear confessions that sound 'demonic' should call on the services of exorcists, according to Pope Francis. In scenes reminiscent of the famous occult film, exorcists are supposed to vanquish demons living inside a host's body by citing religious texts at them. The 80-year-old pontiff believes that a good confessor mustn't hesitate to use an exorcist in the event of 'real spiritual disorders'.

Exploding Headphones Injure Sleeping Woman on Beijing to Melbourne Flight

A woman has spoken of her horror after her battery-powered headphones exploded on her face as she slept during a flight. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has issued a warning after the incident on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, which left the woman with burns to her face and hands. The passenger, who has not been named, said she fell asleep two hours into the flight, only to be woken when the headphones exploded.