UNIFIL Inaugurates Trash Press for Garbage Plant in Rachaya Al Foukhar

A signature document on the project was exchanged between the Spanish Kingdom and the municipality. Youssef appreciated the mutual understanding and collaboration between UNIFIL personnel and locals.

Under this project, executed with a total of $ 12,700, which consist of the purchase and the installation of a trash press to the garbage plant of the village. The plant would run to separate and to compact the trash. After that, the compacted trash would be sent to a bigger treatment plant out of the area.

Spanish contingent funded this project to contribute to the development of the area in accordance with UN resolution 1701 benefiting to the inhabitants of the village for clean and green environment, free from pollution.

The Mayor expressed his gratitude for the project. In his speech, the CIMIC Chief stressed on the good ties that connect the local residents and UNIFIL, seeing that the project will directly benefit to the inhabitants of the village to keep the village clean, green and pollution free.

The UNIFIL as well as national contingents develop these kind of projects intended to address some of the most pressing needs of the local population and support local authorities. These projects are often undertaken at the request of municipalities and implemented in coordination with other UN agencies and NGOs.

Source: UNIFIL