Nobel Prize for Literature May Be Cancelled After Sex Scandal

Nobel Prize for Literature May Be Cancelled After Sex Scandal

The Nobel Prize for Literature could be cancelled this year after the body that awards it was hit by a sex scandal.

The crisis began when the Swedish Academy brought in lawyers to investigate sexual misconduct claims from 18 women against Jean-Claude Arnault.

He is a major cultural figure in Sweden who is married to Katarina Frostenson, a poet who is a member of the academy.

Six members of the academy, including three male members - Klas Ostergren, Kjell Espmark and Peter Englund- resigned over the academy's vote not to remove her.

It means there are only 11 active members of the academy and the rules require that new members must be elected by 12 members.

Expressen has now reported Englund has now said 'it might be best to postpone' the award for a year.

The paper also reported that this year's award maybe given out next year along with the one for 2019 itself.

Anders Olsson, who temporarily holds the post as permanent secretary, said discussions about the Nobel Prize are underway, according to Expressen.

The crisis came to a head after the decision of the permanent secretary, Sara Danius, to step down on 12 April, prompting King Carl XVI Gustaf to intervene, promising reforms to enable to academy to continue.

Danius, 56, a Swedish literature historian at Stockholm University, said the turmoil at the academy has 'already affected the Nobel Prize quite severely.'

Her withdrawal is the first by a permanent secretary in more than 230 years.

The institution said results of an investigation which found that 'unacceptable behaviour in the form of unwanted intimacy' took place within its ranks.



Source: The Daily Mail