Hezbollah Deputy Chief: We Are the Ones Shaping Region's Future

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Hezbollah Deputy Chief: We Are the Ones Shaping Region's Future

Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem said the future of the region is being shaped, stressing that it is the axis of Iran the one that is doing so.

"Today, we are in the process of shaping the future of the region. It is not them who are shaping it. It is us," he was quoted as saying at a conference in Tehran.

Qassem stressed that the "axis of evil" led by the U.S. and Israel will not be allowed to control the region, adding that it is Hezbollah's right to ally with Iran to achieve independence.

"It is important to be together and win. It is important to stand alongside Iran and the blessed Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in order to face all challenges," he said.

"We could have hidden and acted separately in each country as if one was not interested in the other. However, belonging to one axis has given us strength. Thanks to the so-called "axis of resistance", that is led and sponsored by Iran, many victories were achieved across the region."

"The conflict in the region is not a military confrontation, but rather an intellectual, political and cultural one," Qassem pointed out. "The collapse of ISIS is not only a military defeat, but also the beginning of a resounding cultural collapse as the Islamic world will begin to realize that there is no hope in these groups and, therefore, will resort to those who saved them from the Takfiris and return back to the original Islam."

Source: Kataeb.org