Yemen Files Complaint against Hezbollah to UN

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Yemen Files Complaint against Hezbollah to UN

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Khaled Al Yamani filed a complaint to the UN against the Iran-backed Lebanese group, Hezbollah, which has declared their support for the Houthi rebels.

In his letter of complaint, a copy of which was seen by The National, Mr Al Yamani addressed Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil expressing “regret to point out that Hezbollah has abandoned the brotherly approach [between Yemen and Lebanon] … and abused the strong and established relations by its participation in training, planning, inciting and supporting the Houthi militias since the 2014 coup”.

He said that Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah’s June 29 speech, in which he publicly expressed support for the Iran-backed Houthis, was “a blatant intervention in the internal affairs of my country, which would cause great damage to Yemen’s supreme interest and national security”.

Mr Al Yamani urged the Lebanese government to take measures against Hezbollah’s “hostile behaviour”.

In his speech last month, Mr Nasrallah addressed the Houthis and said: “I am ashamed that I am not with you. I wish I could be one of your fighters and fight under the guidance of your brave and dear leaders.”

The Hezbollah chief also denied reports that eight of his party members were killed fighting alongside the Houthis in the Saada province last month.

“We’ve recently said that for certain reasons and interests, we do not say whether we have a presence in Yemen ... but whether we’re there or not, I categorically deny that there are Hezbollah martyrs in Yemen – not in the last few days nor in recent years,” he said.

Source: The National