Pierre Kakhia Elected Head of Lebanese Basketball Federation

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Pierre Kakhia Elected Head of Lebanese Basketball Federation

Pierre Kakhia was elected as the head of the Lebanese Basketball Federation for a two-year term on Thursday, as members of the General Assembly cast their ballots as part of a six-hour-long electoral process.

Kakhia got the highest number of votes (203) ahead of his competitor Akram Al-Halabi (188).

Nine out of 13 candidates included in Kakhia's list won the polls. The elected members include Roger Ashkhouti (176 votes), Doumit Kallab (183 votes), Ghazi Boustani (204 votes), Yasser Hajj (189 votes), Charbel Rizk (179 votes), Rami Fouwaz (187 votes) and Edward Abi Zakhem (190 votes).

The winning candidates from Al-Halabi's list include Tammam Jaroudi (188 votes), George Sabounjian (173 votes), Patrick Lahoud (173 votes) and Tony Khalil (179 votes).

Elie Farhat and Salim Fouwal who were listed on the two rival lists also won the elections with 299 and 320 votes, respectively.

It is worth noting that Al-Halabi got the highest score in the division one box, but failed to match the votes garnered by his competitor in the other divisions.



Source: Kataeb.org