Places to stay that will blow your mind

You know that old adage ‘it’s about the journey not the destination’? Well, that just doesn’t apply here. Each and every one of these spectacular places to stay is a destination in its own right. This selection of 50 Places To Stay to Blow Your Mind includes places that give us a thrill, open our eyes and make us catch our breath – and we hope they’ll motivate you to go on a journey of discovery.

Festivals That Will Blow Your Mind

There’s something about festivals, be it a giant, joyous party or a respectful honouring of tradition; a seemingly bizarre adherence to ritual or a celebration of a quirky obsession – it’s a uniquely human thing to be involved in. We like to get together to dance, sing, eat, laugh, drink, dress up, light fires, take our clothes off, throw tomatoes at each other, roll around in mud – just about anything really, but we seem to like doing it in really large groups with bags of enthusiasm. This selection of 50 Festivals to Blow Your Mind should give party-loving travellers plenty of ideas for their next trip.