Rare Rain Transforms Australia's Lake into Dazzling Rainbow

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Do not adjust your screen settings: the crazily vibrant colors of this lake in Australia are all natural.

A rare flood has transformed the country's Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre from an arid salty basin to a spectacular, watery oasis -- a striking spectrum of colors, from aquamarine blue to rose pink and bright white.

Water only floods the desert lake -- which is the lowest point on the continent -- every three to 10 years. It becomes completely flooded only three times every 160 years.

The reason for the multi-colored hue? The salt dilutes the water and causes algae to grow.

The lake has flooded this year because of water from heavy tropical rains in Queensland made the journey 100 kilometers across the Australian outback.

Tourists and photographers have been flocking to the lake to admire this incredible spectacle. No one knows how long it'll remain flooded and for some it could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When the water comes, wildlife follows and pelicans can be seen dotted around the bright-colored water.

A variety of tour companies offer aerial tours of the lake -- including Wrightsair and Chinta Air Tours.

Source: CNN International