ISIS Vows to 'Make New Year's Day Hell'

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ISIS Vows to 'Make New Year's Day Hell'

ISIS has threatened an attack on Paris on New Year's Day in yet another digitally created propaganda poster.

The image shows crowds of people in front of the Arc de Triomphe and the photograph is overlaid with a carving knife dripping with blood.

A caption on the poster, shared by terrorist supporters on social media, warns: 'We will make New Year's Day hell.'

This comes after the terrorist organisation warned of attacks being carried out on foot, after bollards and gates were erected at Christmas markets across Europe.

The security measures are designed to prevent a repeat of the lorry attack in Berlin in 2016 that claimed the lives of 12 people.

But the regime's propaganda wing has released a poster showing security arrangements in Germany and vowed: 'If you put barriers to cars in front of markets, you will not prevent people entering them on foot.'

The warning shows a masked and armed fighter lurking in the background, ready to strike.

The latest posters are part of a concerted campaign of threats to bring mayhem to Europe's major cities and the US and Russia over Christmas and into 2018.

They have issued posters saying they'll strike in London, as well as New York and Rome.

Propaganda chiefs for the regime have also threatened the Queen and the Pope and to target next year's World Cup.

The group's propaganda wing – the Wafa Media Foundation - is continuing to churn out threats despite the regime suffering huge losses in Syria and Iraq.

And ISIS is increasingly turning to lone-wolf supporters to take up its violent cause around the world.

'Wafa Media Foundation specialises in these types of graphics. Wafa's threat, like others recently issued by pro-ISIS media groups, is a specific attack directive within a larger push by ISIS for lone wolf attacks as it rapidly loses territory in Iraq and Syria,' Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence Group,

'Though these threats should be taken seriously, there is also a publicity element to pro-ISIS media groups' threats against places like the Vatican or events like 2018 FIFA World Cup.'

Source: The Daily Mail