Czech Intelligence Service Helps Uncover Hezbollah Hacking Network

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Czech Intelligence Service Helps Uncover Hezbollah Hacking Network

The Czech Security Intelligence Service (BIS) on Monday issued a press release saying that it had cooperated with foreign partners in identifying, analysing and disabling servers in the Czech Republic and the wider world, which Hezbollah was using for cybernetic espionage.

According to the press release, a network of Hezbollah hackers has been using tricks on social media to hack into mobile devices across the world. Posing as attractive girls on Facebook, they would contact users and start chatting. After steering the conversation to increasingly sensual topics, the profiles would then ask the user to install a ‘more private and secure application‘.

According to the counterintelligence service’s press release, some impassioned users would comply and install the app. Unaware that it gave hackers access to their sensitive information, including contacts, photographs, calls, text messages, GPS data and the option to secretely record the owner via the mobile device.

The hacking attacks through servers placed in the Czech Republic, the wider EU and the U.S., originated from the middle east. They were aimed at various regions across the world including Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East itself.

The head of the BIS, Michal Koudelka, stated that intelligence gathered by the agency played a direct role in the eventual takedown of the Hezbollah hacking network.

Source: Radio Prague