Renowned Lebanese Sculptor Carves Patriarch Sfeir's Coffin

The body of Patriarch Emeritus Nasrallah Sfeir will be laid to rest in a coffin designed by the renowned sculptor and painter Rudy Rahme who took up the challenge to finalized the work in just 48 hours.

Speaking to the Kataeb website, Rahme explained that the coffin is carved on the trunk of an olive tree that bears witness to the history of Lebanon, and edged with brass. The late patriarch's face is engraved on a slab of marble capping the casket.

The design was drawn on Sunday night and the sculpture work began directly in the morning of the next day, Rahme noted.

"It is from his prayers and faith in Lebanon that we have derived our strength and determination to pay tribute to a person to whom Lebanon's glory has always belonged," Rahme concluded.