Tawile Calls on Officials to Assume their Responsibilities

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Tawile Calls on Officials to Assume their Responsibilities

Head of the Kataeb's Economic and Social Council Jean Tawile on Monday blamed the political organization’s corruption and partitioning for the current economic situation, highlighting the huge role that the party is playing in facing this mentality.

In an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station, Tawile stressed on the need to enforce accountability on officials for their executive decisions and actions because if the ruling authority continued with this approach and performance, the outcome will be the same.

“A drastic change in the political authority’s performance should be done in order to dodge the economic crisis,” he warned.

“For once, the state must be keen on the people’s interests rather than its own”

“We are heading towards difficult stages where an increase in prices will affect the Lebanese market,” Tawile cautioned.

“In case we were able to draw in foreign dollar bonds and deposits, we will simply be stalling and not solving a problem,” he noted.

The Kataeb official also urged the people to pressure politicians into implementing reforms by downsizing the public sector, put an end to electoral employment, re-arrange the sector’s structure, and fight tax and custom evasions which are costing the government more than $0.5 billion a year.

“The state’s total expenditure of 40% on this sector is unacceptable while it reaches 15% in foreign countries,” he elaborated.

Source: Kataeb.org