Tawile Calls for a Bloc That Would Secure Judiciary's Independence

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Tawile Calls for a Bloc That Would Secure Judiciary's Independence

Head of the Kataeb’s Economic and Social Council on Tuesday stressed that the complicity taking place between the current ruling authority and the private sector employees is the reason behind the situation the Lebanese are currently experiencing, saying that they are trying as much as they can to preserve their gains resulting from corruption while the Lebanese people are suffering.

“The International Monetary Fund can restore Lebanon with the needed hard currency. Such act will positively affect the market, and then the banks can return the deposits to the people, Tawile told MTV.

“The currency can also be restored into the country by investment or through increasing the percentage of exporting national products abroad. But both of these solutions are not valid as trust is lost and Hezbollah is dealing with superiority regarding this issue and is reinforcing the dispute with the Gulf countries,” he added.

“We haven’t seen any of the money we have lately received from the IMF or the SDR,” he pointed out.

Tawile deemed the monetary stability as very essential so as to restore the confidence in the national market, saying that this can be achieved while preserving the dollar and halting the waste in the exchange of the hard currency through the application of the Capital control.

“Lebanon’s total exports is about 3 billion dollars annually, and the exports to the Gulf countries are around one billion dollars. When the Gulf market shuts the Lebanese market, we will be losing a large amount of dollars annually. The Lebanese economy as a market is too small to rely on the internal market only and it is very necessary to open up on the foreign markets,” he said.

“The total of Lebanon’s exports to the Eastern countries, including China, Iran, Venezuela and others, does not exceed 8% of national exports annually,” he noted.

“If you want to turn Lebanon into a repressive market, what are the guarantees that contribute to the export of the Lebanese goods?" he asked addressing Hezbollah.

Tawile stressed that the forces of change should make a good choice in the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying that a bloc must be introduced to the Parliament in a bid to secure the Judiciary’s independence and restore the confidence into the foreign investors.

Source: Kataeb.org