Your appetite for the finer things in life will be strong, so don't deny yourself. Make sure your surroundings are beautiful (and tidy); listen to pleasing music and burn scented candles. You only need a little of everything to satisfy your desires, so don't worry about overindulging. But if you've had your eye on one stunning item, this is a perfect day to reward yourself!



There's nothing you can't accomplish if you tap into the strength of many. Or reach out to a new group that felt closed to you in the past. Under this friendly transit, they may welcome you with open arms. But regardless of excited or flattered you are, hold back a little. Time will tell what this tribe is really like once you get to know them.



Demonstrate your talent—and willingness to make a sacrifice for the team—by doing whatever needs to be done and not waiting for someone else to pick up the slack. ("Someone else" may get the promotion or plum assignment if they do!) So plan to stick around until it all gets done tonight. And keep it in perspective: It's one night of your fabulously social life!



If you shape-shift trying to honor your word, you'll wind up resenting it—and possibly the innocent person you made the offer to as well. Just be honest. Let friends know you need some time to yourself—but if they want to tag along for the adventure, that would be great!



Be prepared for someone to call you out on one or more of your bold statements and to ask you to substantiate them with incontrovertible evidence. Consider yourself on notice that "little white lies" can still get you into hot water.



Under today's fuzzy angle between the haziest planets—the moon and Neptune—you would do well to check your own facts and figures before making any bold proclamations. It's easy to get things just wrong enough to confuse an issue.



 Starting tonight, build in quality time to reconnect. Your partner or favorite collaborator will be thrilled!



You could find yourself on the (painful) horns of a dilemma today, Scorpio.You'd love nothing more than to be a little selfish, doing what you want when you want to.  How about being willing to compromise—just not beyond a certain point or for things that aren't a matter of life or death?



That's not a productive way to spend the day, however. Go ahead and indulge a LITTLE, then bring yourself back to reality by doing something that makes you feel grounded. Take a walk outdoors, do some work-related reading—or just brew a nice strong cup of tea and fire off some emails.



Want to get ahead on the love freeway? Merge into the passing lane! That isn't an invite to drive aggressively or engage in romantic road rage, Capricorn.



While your humanitarian side does enjoy being helpful, you also know you can't afford to burn out or risk resenting the very people you're trying to help. So go easy on the random acts of kindness. Recharge your batteries and allow YOURSELF to feel supported, and you'll feel back to new in a couple days.



That goes double today, under a potent sextile between Neptune in your sign and the moon in your third house of communication. It's almost impossible to know how others see us, but trust that you make more of an impression than you realize. So if you're biting your tongue, you might as well say it. Chance are people are already picking up on it.