It Is Time for Lebanon’s People to Choose Their Side in the War against Hezbollah

The Lebanon-Gulf crisis took a new turn last week when Hezbollah held a press conference in Beirut, hosting Bahrain’s Shia al-Wefaq opposition party. The event pushed the Bahraini foreign ministry to submit a formal protest to the Lebanese government, denouncing Lebanon for hosting an event for individuals it described as “hostile personnel” on terror lists.

‘The Houses of Beirut’ — Preserving a City’s Architectural Heritage

Twenty-four years ago, Nayla Audi published her only book: “The Houses of Beirut.” It was created for children — an oversized book in the shape of a house — but at Dubai Design Week last month, adults, too, were opening the ‘doors’ of its cover to reveal the old-school watercolors (created by Audi’s friend, the painter Flavia Codsi) within.