Pope Promises to Help Moribund Lebanon Rise Again

Pope Francis, meeting the prime minister of Lebanon, on Thursday compared the country to a dying person and promised to do everything in his power to help it "rise again". Francis and Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who took office in September after a year-long government vacuum, met privately for about 20 minutes and discussed the country's devastating economic and social crisis, the Vatican said in a statement.

Pope Francis to Stay in Hospital a Few More Days, Vatican Says

Pope Francis has completed his post-surgery treatment but will remain in hospital a few more days in order to fine-tune his course of medication and rehabilitation, the Vatican said on Monday. When the pope entered hospital on July 4 to have part of his colon removed, the Vatican said he would stay about seven days, barring complications. “His Holiness Pope Francis spent a tranquil day (Sunday) and completed his post-operative course,” spokesman Matteo Bruni said in his daily statement on the pope’s condition.