Greek Cosmetologist Produces Chemical-Free Products

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Greek Cosmetologist Produces Chemical-Free Products

The Dimitra Goula Institute in Greece exclusively uses all-natural and organic ingredients, being the first in the country to not include any chemicals in its products.

Goula is a Cretan who studied cosmetology in Germany. After returning to Greece and suffering a facial allergy due to chemical-based cosmetics, she re-started her studies in Greece, this time focusing on holistic, all-natural skincare.

“I started freaking out reading the ingredient lists and researching about [these products]. All these chemicals are bad for our health, and bad for the health of our children,” Goula told Travel + Leisure.

Most of Goula’s ingredients come from Mt. Athos in northern Greece, one of the most important and spiritual centers of Eastern Orthodox monasticism where they live the healthiest lifestyle in the world.

Goula collects fresh products from monks such as rose petals, wild chestnut oil, soapwort, and beeswax, and jasmine; while products that don’t grow on Mt. Athos like papaya and cinnamon are bought from organic producers in other countries.

Following consultation, products are made on the spot for each client after treatments. They are packed in bags which must be refrigerated. As for those making orders from abroad, the products are shipped on dry ice following an online consultation.

“Everything must be refrigerated because they don’t have any preservatives or stabilizers - you can put a spoon inside and eat it,” Goula explained.