Football Star to Launch Apparel Collection

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Football Star to Launch Apparel Collection

Football star player Lionel Messi will launch an apparel collection in partnership with MGO, a brand portfolio company.

The brand, Messi, will be launched in July on a global e-commerce site called "The Messi Store" and will consist primarily of men’s wear with a few women’s tops, according to MGO’s chief creative officer, Ginny Hilfiger.

“A new product will be released each week, but on a limited basis to create a get-it-before-it’s-gone tactic,” Hilfiger said.

“Some items will be autographed by Messi so the lucky customer will get a signed Leo piece,” she added.

“Leo is the greatest football player in the world and still has a lot of years left to play. Also he is recognized globally by all types of people even people who don’t watch football,” Hilfiger elaborated on the reasons behind the collaboration.

“Messi is a really humble, generous and kind person and a great role model. He has been involved since we started talking to the Messi family two-and-a-half years ago when we presented the idea to them. His sister, who he is very close to, is part of our team as a liaison helping us know what he likes and doesn’t like and working with us in Argentina and Barcelona. She will be working with us in New York, too,” she praised.