Sugary Drinks Cause Rise in Premature Death Risk

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Sugary Drinks Cause Rise in Premature Death Risk

The frequent consumption of drinks that contain sugar is linked to higher risk of premature death, researchers suggest.

According to a study published Monday in the journal Circulation, women who drink sugary beverages, such as sodas, sports drinks and juices, more than two servings a day had a 63% increased risk of premature death mainly from cardiovascular disease and, to a lesser extent, cancer.

As for men who did the same, they had a 29% increase in risk.

"There's been previous studies that have shown strong and consistent links between the consumption of sweetened beverages and weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, as well as other cardiometabolic conditions such as heart disease and stroke," said lead study author Vasanti Malik, a research scientist and adjunct lecturer in the Department of Nutrition in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.