Study: Yoghurt Reduces Pre-Cancerous Growths Risk in Men

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Study: Yoghurt Reduces Pre-Cancerous Growths Risk in Men

Men who frequently consume yoghurt have a lower risk of developing pre-cancerous growths in the bowel, said a new study published in the journal Gut.

Researchers found that men who eat two or more 245g servings each week were 19% less likely to have an adenoma and 26% less likely to develop adenomas that were at a high risk of becoming cancerous.

No benefits were found in women who eat yoghurt, the study noted.

"Our data provide novel evidence for the role of yoghurt in early stage of colorectal cancer development and the potential of gut bacteria in modulating this process,” Researcher Dr Yin Cao, from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, said.

"The findings, if confirmed by future studies, suggest that yoghurt might serve as a widely acceptable modifiable factor, which could complement colorectal cancer screening and/or reduce risk of adenoma among the unscreened,” he added.