Chinese Ambassador Appeases Lebanese Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

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Chinese Ambassador Appeases Lebanese Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kejian appeased Lebanese citizens on Friday amid fears of the spreading of the Coronavirus that has already affected about 18 countries.

During talks with Voice of Lebanon radio station, Kejian assured that his country’s government has taken the necessary actions to prevent and control its spread.

“We are closely working with the Lebanese Health Ministry and the Quarantine Center in Rafic Hariri International Airport to curb any infections,” Kejian affirmed.

He stated that experts said that the Coronavirus outbreak may reach its peak in around 10 days.

“Coronavirus epidemic threatens China and the global economy at large as a number of European and American countries have suspended flights to the country which impede trade,” he noted.

“Tourism and local consumption were also affected by the epidemic but I believe that there will be no large-scale increases,” he added.

He announced that the Chinese New Year holiday was extended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


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