Hezbollah Condemns UK's Proscription, Slams It as Act of Submissiveness

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Hezbollah Condemns UK's Proscription, Slams It as Act of Submissiveness

Hezbollah on Friday utterly condemned the UK's decision to label it as a terrorist organization, deeming it as an act of submissiveness to the United States.

"Hezbollah is a movement of resistance against the Israeli occupation. No country in the world that supports and finances terrorism is entitled to accuse Hezbollah, or any other resistance, of terrorism," read a statement issued by the party.

"This decision shows that the British government is no more than a follower of the U.S. master, sowing hostility towards the peoples of the region just to appease the rulers of Washington."

Hezbollah assured that the accusations "fabricated" by the British government cannot fool the free people around the world, adding that it has become obvious and well known to everyone who really created terrorism in the region.

"It is the United States along with its regional and international proxies," the statement noted.

Hezbollah said that the UK's proscription is an insult to the "feelings" of the Lebanese people that considers the party as a major political force that has been accorded a significant representation in both the Parliament and the government.

"The party plays an important and essential role in the different aspects of the social, political and economic life in Lebanon."

"Nothing will prevent Hezbollah from carrying out its defense of Lebanon's freedom and sovereignty," the statement concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org