LU Kataeb Students Vow Relentless Struggle on Cedar Revolution Anniversary

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The Kataeb students staged a sit-in at the Lebanese University's Faculty of Law and Political Science in Jal El Dib on Thursday, to mark the anniversary of the Cedar Revolution of March 14, 2005.

Head of the Kataeb's cell at the faculty, Charbel Rustom, deplored Lebanon's incomplete and flawed sovereignty 14 years after the landmark event that saw more than one million Lebanese rallying in Beirut.

Speaking during the sit-in, Rustom blamed the ongoing encroachments on Lebanon's sovereignty for the failure to build the State that the Lebanese dreamed of in 2005.

"Our economy is deteriorating because we are unable to attract investors amid the presence of illegal, non-state arms that are jeopardizing security," he said. "Our porous border, that is allowing smuggling, is also weakening our national economy."

Rustom said that democracy in Lebanon is at its worst levels given the hegemony of an armed political faction that is confiscating the State's decision-making power and crippling its institutions based on its own interests.

"Our struggle to achieve what we dreamed of in 2005 is not over yet, because the Kataeb students have never yielded to the de-facto reality," he affirmed.

Rustom said that the sit-in is aimed at making the following demands: making the military the only armed force in Lebanon, demarcating and controlling the borders in order to safeguard the country's security and protect its economy, and adhering to UNSC Resolutions 1701 and 1559.