Aoun: No Immunity in the Battle Against Corruption

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Aoun: No Immunity in the Battle Against Corruption

President Michel Aoun on Monday renewed his pledge to build a strong economy, fight corruption and address the refugees crisis, saying that Lebanon is experiencing cumulative problems that can be resolved once identified and diagnosed.

Aoun was speaking during the launch of a national campaign aimed at reviving Lebanon’s economy.

“We fought a lot before and we shed a lot of blood ... but today, our battle is an economic one,” Aoun stressed.

“The Lebanese must join forces to boost their economy by buying their country's products."

“Everyone must know that no one has immunity in the battle against corruption," he affirmed.

"I was the first to be accused in an empty file and did not ask for anyone's mediation to prove my innocence,” he stated. "During the Syrian presence in Lebanon, I asked the Free Patriotic Movement to not stage any protests to demand my innocence which was eventually ruled by the judiciary."

Each suspect must stand trial and appear before the judicial authorities; otherwise, we would be facing a huge problem, Aoun added.

“Corruption is the biggest damage we are facing in Lebanon and no one is exempted in the fight against it,” he said, noting that “the accused will be referred to court, and their implication or innocence will be only ruled by the judiciary.”