Gemayel Questions Government Over Inaction on Illegal Hires Issues

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Gemayel Questions Government Over Inaction on Illegal Hires Issues

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday questioned the government over the measures that have been taken to deal with the illegal hires that were uncovered recently in the public sector.

In a letter addressed to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Gemayel asked that the government would be asked whether it has launched a comprehensive study that would determine the exact number of public servants as well as the cost of their employment, assess the current and future needs of the sector, and restructure it by setting out clear job descriptions.

In case a study has been actually launched, then the government is required to provide clarifications on why no report has been submitted yet, as stipulated by the salary scale law.

If no study is conducted so far, then the government must uncover those who are responsible for this failure and blatant violation of the law, Gemayel added.

Gemayel based his questioning on the Article 21 of Law 46, known as the salary scale law that grants a pay hike to public employees, which clearly stipulates that the government has six months to carry out a comprehensive survey and suggest, accordingly, the measures that must be taken to stop squandering and cut the State's expenses.

The lawmaker demanded that his question would be referred to the government, asking it to provide a written response within fifteen days pursuant to Article 124 of the Parliament's by-laws. Otherwise, an interrogation will be launched, pursuant to Article 126 of the Parliament's by-laws.