Kubis: Deep Reforms Needed in Lebanon

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Kubis: Deep Reforms Needed in Lebanon

UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Jan Kubis, on Wednesday said that deep reforms are needed for the benefit of Lebanon and its people given the economic challenges facing the country, hoping that the government would soon endorse a new budget.

"Hopefully soon the Government will adopt the budget and the budget that hopefully will send a very strong signal that it is a reform budget," Kubis told reporters following UN Security Council consultations on Resolution 1701.

Kubis said that he had briefed the council on all the discussions and disputes over the Syrian refugees' return issue, adding that there is a national consensus among the major Lebanese political parties in favour of their return back home.

"There is another big discussion about how to do it, if there is room to do it, how to cooperate and there is another topic about how to shape relations between Lebanon and Syria as such. And this is a divisive topic. There is basic unity that refugees must return," he pointed out.

"We cannot in any way but to stress the principles of safe, voluntary and dignified return. You cannot expect from the UN to do and think in any other different way."

Source: Kataeb.org