Hariri Acknowledges 'Mistakes' in Public Sector Hires

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Hariri Acknowledges 'Mistakes' in Public Sector Hires

The Parliament convened on Wednesday for a Q&A session during which members of the government answered 13 questions addressed by lawmakers regarding several issues.

One of the tackled issues was the illegal hires that were exposed recently in the public sector. A recent probe found that around 5000 civil servants were hired during a job freeze that came into effect in August 2017; the illegal employment was mostly done ahead of the parliamentary elections in May 2018.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri admitted that there were "certainly" mistakes in the public sector employment, assuring that hiring will be completely halted as per the State budget to be endorsed soon.

Hariri also claimed that all political parties got involved in the OGERO hires, noting that there are suggestions to reshuffle employees within public administrations.

"Everyone, all the political forces sought to make hires inside OGERO," Hariri said.

Commenting on the premier's statement, MP Elias Hankache said that the latter should have completed his sentence by saying that "all factions, except the Kataeb party."

Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri told Hariri that the Parliament will keep on examining the government's commitment to the hire freeze decision.

Following a meeting with Berri after the session, Hariri said that "hard" measures will be taken to revive the economy, adding that the budget will consist of a series of steps aimed at serving the people's interest.

“I am in talks with the different political forces so that there would be a consensus on the budget. We must not face the same fate as Greece did. We must rather make difficult decisions to save the country,” he stated.

“We must stop political outbidding and seek what is in the best interest of the country’s economic and monetary welfare, and to focus on the economic development while setting hard measures for a year or two to save Lebanon,” Hariri added.

Source: Kataeb.org