Gemayel: Kataeb Party Committed to Its Political Resistance

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel stressed that the party will stand firm in its opposition against the bitter reality that Lebanon is currently facing, stressing unwavering commitment to political resistance in the face of the status quo.

Speaking at a dinner attended by Kataeb partisans and supporters in Brussels earlier this week, Gemayel deemed faith as the main catalyst for perseverance and steadfastness, saying that there should be no place for surrender because it leads to desperation.

“We are fighting our battles alone. We haven’t changed our position or constants. We didn’t betray anyone. We didn't give up. We have remained loyal to our martyrs and to the cause we have been for long advocating,” Gemayel said.

"The Kataeb is a party of struggle, not one that seeks positions and power."

“Throughout our history, we went through very difficult phases, including war, exile and occupation, and many of our comrades sacrificed their lives. Today, the sacrifice that we are required to make is nothing compared with the ones made in the past,” he stated.