Dima Jamali Retains Parliament Seat After By-Election Win

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Dima Jamali Retains Parliament Seat After By-Election Win

Future Movement candidate Dima Jamali has retained her seat in the Parliament after winning Tripoli's by-election on Sunday.

Jamali won 19387 out of 28364 votes, Interior Minister Rayya Al-Hassan announced late on Sunday.

According to the Interior Ministry, voter turnout slumped to an unprecedented low, as only 12.5% of the eligible 241,534 electors cast their ballots; a rate that the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) said it's the lowest since the 1992 polls.

Among the 32963 voters who showed up at polling stations on Sunday, 1951 cast blank ballots, as per the Interior Ministry figures.

The electoral district of Tripoli and Minieh-Doniyeh on Sunday witnessed another voting round after the Constitutional Council had annulled the win of MP Dima Jamali in the 2018 parliamentary elections, eight months after the polls were held.

The annulment was based on an appeal submitted by unsuccessful candidate Taha Naji who refrained from running for office and boycotted the polls.

Although Naji won the electoral appeal, the Constitutional Council decided to hold a by-election rather than naming him as Jamali’s replacement.

Source: Kataeb.org