Saade: Parliament Created 'Dangerous Legal Vacuum' by Approving Electricity Plan

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Saade: Parliament Created 'Dangerous Legal Vacuum' by Approving Electricity Plan

Kataeb leader's legal adviser, Lara Saade, warned that the Parliament has created a "dangerous legal vacuum" by failing to set out a transparent legal framework for the electricity plan and passing it as it is.

In an interview with the Kataeb website, Saade the ruling authority is violating the laws, instead of tightening reforms and enforcing transparency.

Saade explained that the Kataeb's objection to the electricity plan is based on two main reasons, citing the failure to appoint a regulatory body that would manage the power sector and the dismissal of the Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Law.

She pointed out that the formation of a regulatory body is one of the conditions set by donor countries at the CEDRE conference, warning of the absence of any law that regulates and controls the power sector.

Regarding the PPP law, Saade criticized both the government and the Parliament for turning a blind eye to the fact that the plan deals with said legislation as inexistent although it was passed by the legislature in 2017.

Saade warned against turning this violation into a norm that would be applied to other sectors, saying that what happened is now considered a legal precedent that could be used to justify future recurrences.

"These are negative and dangerous signs showing the Lebanese State's unwillingness to carry out the reforms required by the CEDRE conference," she concluded.