Gemayel Meets with Frangieh, Says Both Parties Share Honesty and Ethics

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday said that the party shares with the Marada Movement several values, notably honesty and political ethics, expressing willingness to cooperate with Marada so as to enhance governance, improve people’s lives and prevent the violation of their rights.

“We both say the truth despite our differences. That's the basis of our friendship. We shall continue to debate over all the things that we disagree on,” Gemayel said following his meeting with Marada chief Sleiman Frangieh at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“He [Frangieh] says he’s half opposition and half loyalist. Thus, we are trying to pull him to become totally in the opposition ranks,” Gemayel said.

The Kataeb leader hoped that the rapprochement with the Marada Movement would yield benefitial agreements that serve the country's interest and promote the people's welfare.

For his part, Frangieh described the meeting as fruitful and comprehensive, saying that it focused on the political and economic situation in the country.

“Coordination is ongoing with the Kataeb party. It will continue to address all issues so that we would get out of the bad economic and social situation we are facing,” Frangieh said.

“Gemayel is aware that we have different viewpoints in politics. But what's important is that our differences are still within the limits of democracy,” he added.

Frangieh visited the Kataeb's headquarters along with a delegation including senior Marada officials.