Gemayel: We Aspire to Change in Political System's Structure

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Gemayel: We Aspire to Change in Political System's Structure

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday stressed that the party has decided to stand up against illegal arms and the partitioning mentality prevailing over Lebanon, saying that the country's new electoral law has formed a pro-Hezbollah majority and altered the State's political identity.

“The country has been handed over to Hezbollah. The corrupt performance and incompetent management have destroyed Lebanon's economy, “Gemayel said in an interview on LBCI channel.

“Our opposition is against a ruling authority that has relinquished the country's sovereignty and surrendered to Hezbollah,” he added.

 “Our opposition is against the partitioning mentality that everyone is now adopting.”

 "The settlement that led to the election of President Michel Aoun has caused a drastic change in the political life in Lebanon,” he pointed out.

 Gemayel stressed that it is time to pull the country out of the corruption quagmire it is stuck into, saying that the Kataeb party has decided to offer an alternative option for the current reality Lebanon is experiencing.

 “After the elections, we gave the ruling authority a new chance to prove its good will. However, all the promises made turned out to be empty,” he said.

 “We have returned to our position as an opposition force given that the same partitioning mentality is still prevailing,” he pointed out.

 “Remaining loyal to our ancestors' struggle requires full commitment to their cause.”

The Kataeb leader said that change needs time, saying that the state-building requires the presence of a public opinion that revolts against reality.

“In order for change to happen, the Lebanese must realize that the only goal behind sectarianism is to boost the politicians' power,” he said. 

“The Kataeb's role has always been to stand up against reality and wrongdoings," Gemayel affirmed.

“Our goal is to expand the opposition force and to cooperate with anyone who wants to prevent the country's deterioration,” he noted.

Gemayel stressed that the Kataeb has been constantly putting forth solutions to all of the country's problems, notably that related to electricity, saying that the party is finalizing a challenge contesting the government's power plan. 

“The challenge aims at preventing all illegal aspects related to the tendering process and protecting the state's treasury from mismanagement,” he said.

Gemayel explained that the state's deficit should be reduced by addressing random employment and favoritism, as well as ending tax evasion, adding that Lebanon cannot overcome hardships unless decentralization and neutrality are enforced.

“We aspire to change the political system's structure because it is no longer viable,” he said, pointing out that decentralization would relieve all sects in the country.

Gemayel stressed that the Constitution must be revised in a way that would prevent obstruction, saying that the electoral law must be changed.

“Every generation must learn from the mistakes of its predecessors; history teaches us that anyone who derived his power from foreign powers ended up vanishing,” he said.

“If the people does not hold onto its future and revolt, the country is doomed to ruination,” he warned.

“There are two ways to build the country and that’s by either dividing or by adopting a new management system that would preserve the country’s unity."

Gemayel deemed the Kataeb party as an examplary model for every young man who aspires to build a civilized country, saying that its goal is to break the vicious circle in which the Lebanese people are living.