Hankache Addressing Ruling Authority: Act Responsibly!

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Hankache Addressing Ruling Authority: Act Responsibly!

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Monday denounced the authority’s obscure and confused performance, demanding clarifications regarding recent reports on heavy arms being delivered to a Palestinian faction inside Lebanon.

Voice of Lebanon radio station reported that big military trucks had crossed army checkpoints last week in Bekaa's Kfarzabad, and delivered heavy arms to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command in the Ain al-Bayda.

"It's your duty to clarify or deny this news. In other words: act responsibly!" Hankache wrote on Twitter.

“In the economy sector you don't know what you want. In the budget, u didn't get anything right. In the electricity plan, you didn't respect the laws. In the waste crisis, you don't know where you are headed. In the pre-election hires, you are confused what to do," he added.

Source: Kataeb.org