Government Affirms High-Voltage Power Project Will Go On

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Government Affirms High-Voltage Power Project Will Go On

Information Minister Jamal Jarrah on Wednesday declared that the government will carry on with the electricity plan, voicing continuous support for the installation of high-voltage power lines in Mansourieh.

“There is no proof that any harm or danger is caused by the power lines of Mansourieh,” Jarrah said during a news conference following the Cabinet session.

“The standards we are committed to in the installation of the power lines in Mansourieh are higher than European standards,” Jarrah stated, saying that the power lines are already set up above the ground in numerous other regions such as in Tyre and Saadnayil.

He noted that there are no studies or reports to prove the negative effects or damage of the lines, referring to Electricite de France which does not consider the project to be hazardous.

Jarrah encouraged the residents of Mansourieh and Ain Saade to leave their homes, arguing that the government has already proposed buying the houses of those believing they are affected by the power lines but no one wanted to sell.

“With all my respect to the Cross, this has nothing to do with the cross. Religion is not related to the issue in Mansourieh. This is a technical issue,” Jarrah said.

He urged people not to attack security forces that are only implementing the Cabinet’s decision, or else everything will be delayed.