Report: Trump's Sanctions on Iran Are Hitting Hezbollah Hard

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Report: Trump's Sanctions on Iran Are Hitting Hezbollah Hard

U.S. sanctions on Iran have affected Tehran’s ability to fund its proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, forcing drastic cuts, as reported by The Washington Post on Saturday.

"Hezbollah, the best funded and most senior of Tehran's proxies, has seen a sharp fall in its revenue and is being forced to make draconian cuts to its spending, according to Hezbollah officials, members and supporters," the newspaper wrote.

Salaries and social services for Hezbollah’s fighters, which are funded by Iran, have been curtailed after the Trump administration pulled out from the 2015 nuclear deal decreasing Iranian revenue by $10 billion since last November.

According to the report, essential expenses are being sustained, such as salaries to full-time fighters and stipends to families of the militants who died in Syria.

However, draconian cuts are being applied as social benefits that used to be granted to militants and their families (meals, gas, medicines, transportation and others) have been canceled.

Many of the group's fighters have been pulled out from Syria or assigned to the reserves with lower salaries, said a Hezbollah employee with one of the group's administrative units.

“There is no doubt these sanctions have had a negative impact; but ultimately, sanctions are a component of war, and we are going to confront them in this context,” a senior Hezbollah official told the newspaper.

Programs on Hezbollah's television station Al-Manar have been canceled and their staff laid off, according to another Hezbollah insider.

The Hezbollah official insisted that the cutbacks have not impacted the group's military capabilities, affirming that this will be just another war to be won by the group.

"We are still getting arms from Iran. We are still ready to confront Israel. Our role in Iraq and Syria remains. There is no person in Hezbollah who left because they didn't get their salary, and the social services have not stopped," he said.

The sanctions "won't last forever," he predicted. "Just as we were able to win militarily in Syria and Iraq, we will be victorious in this war, too."