Gemayel Meets with Lebanese Women Council Delegation

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday met with a delegation from the Lebanese Women Council, headed by lawyer Iqbal Doughan, with talks focusing on the draft law that the NGO had submitted to enforce a female quota in the municipal elections.

During the meeting, held at the Kataeb's headquarter in Saifi, Gemayel told the visiting delegation that the party had already submitted a bill proposing a 30% women quota and stipulating that no electoral list would be validated unless it abides by said share.

Earlier during the day, Gemayel called on Interior Minister Rayya Al-Hassan to shore up the gender quota draft law which would allow more than 30% of the candidates in municipal elections to be women.

In a tweet he posted on his page, Gemayel urged Hassan to show support to the draft that he proposed in 2010 and which is set to be discussed by the parliament's defense, interior and municipalities committees on Monday.

"Let's support this proposal together!" Gemayel wrote.