Saade Says Failure to Annul Electricity Plan Would Be an 'Unforgivable Sin'

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Saade Says Failure to Annul Electricity Plan Would Be an 'Unforgivable Sin'

Kataeb leader's legal adviser, Lara Saade, on Sunday noted that any Constitutional Council decision that does not include the annulment of the electricity plan would be an "unforgivable sin" and deal a harsh blow to the reputation and standing of said institution.

“Unfortunately, we have been hearing that tremendous pressure is being put on the Constitutional Council so that the Law 129 would not be annulled," Saade said in an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station.

"We also came to know that one of the council members had visited the Baabda palace to inform the President of the body's work," she pointed out. “We know that the two appeals that the Constitutional Council is examining are the one that contests the win of MP Dima Jamali in the parliamentary by-elections and the electricity plan challenge. Therefore, the Constitutional Council’s work should not be discussed with any of the other constitutional authorities."

Earlier this month, Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel submitted to the Constitutional Council a challenge contesting the electricity plan approved last month by the government, after garnering the ten requisite signatures.

Saade pointed out that the power plan violates mainly the Article 36 of the Constitution which stipulates that votes in Parliament should be cast verbally or by the members rising and sitting, except in case of elections when the ballot shall be secret.

With respect to laws in general, the vote shall always be taken by roll-call and in an audible voice; something that did not take place during the ratification of the plan in the Parliament.

Saade said that the plan also goes against Article 89 of the Constitution which clearly states that "no obligation nor concession to exploit the natural resources of the country, nor any service of public utility, nor any monopoly may be granted except according to law and for a limited time."